Education by Ms. Kitty - Spell Check

Greetings, class. It is time again for another lesson from Ms. Kitty to enrich your life. Sorry, dears, but no sex talk this time, as there is a whole new beast to tackle.

Spell check. It's not impossible on these blogs, I promise. All you need to do is right click with your mouse and at the very bottom of the menu that pops up, there is a section that says, "Spell check this field". This little section is your friend. Simply highlight it, left click, and then see where all the little red zig-zags are. Those are underlining your massive amounts of misspellings.

Checking your spelling is a glorious thing to do. It makes your writing easier for others to read- that's why you chose to post it on a public forum in the first place, yes?- and it makes it far easier for people to take you seriously as a human being because you don't look like an idiot that has no concept of the English language. Yes, the English language isn't exactly the easiest thing, considering all the different and sometimes strange grammar rules, but spelling is something far more easily fixed. A few simple clicks of the mouse, and you're on your way! We'll work on your grammar later.

As for txt spk (text speak)... Please, stop doing it. "u", "r", "ur", "2nite", "wot", "b4" and all other butcherings of real words cause the rest of the intelligent world's eyes to bleed, and the corrective surgery for that is getting far too expensive. I don't know how anyone expects to be taken seriously when they write something that looks like this

"so im goin w/mai grl 2 mai hous n we gonna watch tv n eat ur gonna b so jellus cuz im wit mai grl n ur not"

That seriously took me at least three minutes to write. And it pained me greatly. It boggles my mind that anyone can actually consider that as acceptable. It makes you look like you're mentally retarded and cannot function in normal society. It may take you a little while to get used to it, but learning to type and spell properly will do you much good in the future.

So, please, stop making yourselves look like idiots that will be saying, "Do you want fries with that?" for the rest of your natural lives. Use that simple spell check and you will begin to be taken far more seriously as a human being. (And just for clarification, this is not for the people who understand they may have spelled something wrong and add "sp?" beside it because I know most people rely on an actual spell check button being at the top of the box and don't know about the right click feature.)

Class is dismissed.

Uploaded 08/08/2008
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