Education by Ms. Kitty

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.  I'm Ms. Kitty, and I will be giving you your lesson for the day.  I wish to bring you random knowledge about the things you may have preconceived notions about, may not know anything about or never really considered.  You may not care about the topic at all...  Well, Ms. Kitty doesn't give a damn what you think, so you can sit on it and rotate.  Now, on with the lesson!

People always get the wrong idea when it comes to BDSM.  Most people have no real idea what it means to practice BDSM. 

First of all, BDSM stands for Bondage and Discipline/Dominant and sumbissive/Sadist and Masochist (sadomasochism).  There are many different ways to practice this type of "bedroom behavior" and oddly, most people don't even realize that they practice it in their own homes.

BDSM can be anything from blindfolding your partner to full on sensory deprivation (ie binding, gagging and ear plugging).  Most people have at least a light bit of BDSM in their sexual relationships.  Even just holding your partner's hands above their head can be considered binding if you don't give them the option of freeing their wrists.

On the other side of the spectrum, there are those who take deep pleasure in fully binding their partner, and using impliments like whips, flogs and paddles.  Some have a relationship in which one person is considere the Dominant, or Master, in the sexual relationship, and the other is the submissive, or slave.  Most of the time, the slave in the relationship is the person who in the rest of their life is the dominant person- ie, the one who works most, pays the bills, is the head of the house in one way or another.  They feel a great release being dominated, letting someone else have control.  I have a couple of very dear friends who have chosen to live this lifestyle.  It works perfectly for them, and they are very happy with it. I also have a good friend who in her younger years (she's in her thirties now) worked as a dominatrix.  She is now married and a mother, but her dominant side still comes into play in the bedroom for her and her husband.

People also get a very wrong idea that it is unsafe.  It is actually one of the safest sexual practices there is.  Both people in this relationship have their boundaries well defined to their partner (or partners), and there is a great respect for the rules that each person has laid down.  There is an amazing amount of trust in a BDSM relationship, and usually because of this trust, their relationships are incredibly strong.

The other big misconception is that every sexual encounter will be part of the BDSM lifestyle.  This is very false.  Yes, pleasure is taken in it, but much of the time, sex can be very "normal". BDSM can be a special treat for the people involved, can be what is used as stress relief for both individuals.  It can even be just for a little fun and spark in the relationship.

So, there you have it.  A little information on the much misunderstood BDSM.  Keep checking in for more Education by Ms. Kitty.

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