Education is the way! No culture is!

I work in Afghanistan as a defense contractor and my job quite simply is that me and my team talk to locals on a daily basis.  Me coming from a Anthropology background, teammate 1 comes from a religious educational background (Mormon based), and teammate 2 comes from I like to shoot people in the face and my mom touched me in the pants at a young age so I hate everyone in the world background.  We had the debate the other day as to how to fix the problems in Afghanistan, I will let you decide as to what is the correct route to take.  This conversation came just moments after getting shot at and bombed from thirty minutes with no electricity, because for some reason the French (of whom inhabited the base before us)  decided that generators do not need to be maintained.
Teammate 1- I think that the problem is education, we need to put more schools here and teach the people the right way in life.  Be good to your neighbor.  Change the culture, change the language, absolute change will bring peace and stability.  And with educated people we won't have to provide financial support to them.
Teammate 2-Lets just build a wall all around it and turn it into a giant swimming pool.  
Me- The people of Afghanistan, a land of a thousand dead armies will choose who stays.  They will survive and maintain their livelihoods.  You cannot enforce education and nationalism on a culture that is family based and to do this is unethical and it is what some crazy folk call cleansing... You support them the best you can you cannot give a revolution to the people.  They have to bring about their own revolution and if you want to support it ok.  But if the revolution is a "bad" regime then fuck it that is what the people want. The people want what they want and all of your Bio, Chem, and Mathematics books will do nothing to change it.  Just be here to help there might be one person in the country that might smell what you are stepping in, if not just smile and shut the fuck up.
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