Have you ever thought that life was just a computer program that some fucking troll dick head was running? It may be true, very well might be. lookit up some fucking science studyin fux are actually considering that as a possible theory. i sit back and ask... wtf is happening to our youth. i dont even give a fuck. im 25 year till 26 world didnt end like i was hopin. tell you what im drinkin hopin the wolrd will end like jesus said it will. i hope it does in my day. till then fuckit im happy, why cus i can do what i want. cant wait to get my ass back over seas. america needs to start another war. does it? no. but do i want it to? selfish me says yes. logical me says fuck no. what we need now is america investing in its infrastructure. fuck the gun issues, its a distraction. all u fuckers are cashin in on it too. i know i will. invest in m-4 lower receivers. itll pay back times 3 if you know some under ground people. fuck this blog section took my avatar. only people who know me are long gone, my fault, trolls fault or both, not sure but i been here since before all u. the mods are faggin it up. supposedly u cant post a womans butt. soposedly you cant post a blog about how sexy or how idiotic women are. its new rules people learn em. fuck. ebaums is changed. good or bad i vote bad. alcohol will soon be the answer. if any of you readers can make weapons, keep that skill it wil pay off soon. alcohols next. weed is being legalized to make a more subservient mind. dont kid yourself. the government wants to control you. why do you think our education system is such a fucking joke now.
Uploaded 12/31/2012
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