Edward and Bella continued... part 2

His mouth against mine I could feel him move between my open legs and slowly lower himself against my body.

His hands rested on either side of my head , his face inches away.

I know when a woman loses her virginity it hurts her , but please you must tell me if the pain becomes too much, he whispered.

Edward I know it will be painful at first. Please dont be anxious its supposed to hurt me the first time regardless if you are a vampire or not.

He smiled my favorite crooked smile but I saw sadness in his eyes.

I hate the thought of causing you any pain. But I promise I will be as patient and gentle as you need me to be Bella.

I didnt answer instead I clutched at him and brought his ear to my lips.

I m not afraid Edward. Please I need you. I want you inside me so badly, I whispered intently and locked both my legs around his waist.

His breath hitched and his whole body trembled.

Our eyes locked for a long moment.

Then Edward kissed me very gently ,opened my lips widely with his own, and his tongue began to swirl against mine. Our mouths open, his hands pressed on either side of my inner thighs,  he spread my thighs gently but forcefully . I could feel my sex opening itself before him.

I gasped.

I felt a pressure against my sex and could feel the tip of him against my opening. Our mouths still open , eyes locked , he pushed himself all the way inside me slowly. 

He let out a guttural groan at the same time I gasped and then whimpered in pain.

A single tear streaked down my cheek. Edward slowly and sweetly kissed it away.

Are you all right?, his voice was strained and rough.

Y. . . yes . . . but I need you to start slow. I need a few minutes to get used to the feeling Edward, I whispered against his lips.

Bella, love . . . , was all he murmured as he ducked his head against my collarbone.

He began to move in and out of me slowly.   Each time Edward entered me felt like I was being ripped open from the inside.  It felt as if my sex was too small for him , each time he pumped into me I was filled completely. I kept my lips mashed together to hold in my cries of pain.

Edward wasnt fooled.

Im sorry Bella . . .

His eyes were searching my face , to see if I was downplaying the pain.

After a few minutes of Edwards slow pumping the pain began to reside and I felt a slow smile spread across my lips.

I picked myself up onto my elbows and pulled Edwards face towards me.


Edward, it doesnt hurt anymore. I whispered excitedly.

Its starting to feel . . .

His eyes bore into mine and then he chuckled against my cheek.

I could feel my blood pumping hastily though my veins and even though  Edwards cold body was pressed against mine I became very hot.

A strange ticklish heat resonated deep within me and for the first time I really felt like a woman. I was a woman and I wanted nothing more in this moment than my husband Edward.

I  felt like I was a different person. I felt myself turn wild.

My hand gripped his hair and pulled his lips against mine. To his surprise I pulled away a few inches when he tried to kiss me.

Before he could react or even become startled I whispered against his lips, Edward, please, it doesnt hurt anymore. Your holding back too much. I want to, really, feel you Edward. You wont hurt me. Harder. . .  I was a wild animal and I barely recognized my  own voice.

In a wild gasp Edward grabbed both my wrists and held them above me , laying them down on either side of my head.

He hitched himself a few inches higher and although I would think it impossible , I felt him sink  even deeper into me.

I moaned and rolled my eyes back.

His head lowered and his lips were on my breasts then , tugging and caressing my hard nipples.

His thrusts became harder and faster and each time he pounded into me I let out a quiet guttural moan against his shoulder.

My sex  really filled with my liquid and now every time Edward thrust into me the sound was wet. This seemed to excite him even more and he growled against my neck, his teeth gently biting down.

The fire in my loins grew more profound and I began to writher and moan under his perfect body. He did not release my hands, and I felt his hold on them grow more profound.

Suddenly he hitched his right hand under me and pulled me even closer to him. His other hand rested  against the headboard. My breasts were heaving and bouncing inches from his face and he growled again and sunk his face into them. I scratched  at his back with all my strength and arched my back.

His thrusts grew more forceful and he studied my face making sure if it was not too hard for me.

I smiled a weak smile and blushed, hiding my face against his shoulder blade.

He chuckled against my hair.

I scratched and clawed at his perfect back and with each thrust, moaned into his ear.

He placed his palm on my cheek and lifted my face to his.

His thumb ran back and front, across my lips. He parted them with his fingers and playfully circled my open mouth with his index finger. The whole time his eyes bore down into mine , smoldering.

He did not allow me to turn my face away , instead he  studied my face watching me pant and moan in synchronization with his thrusts.

For some reason it angered me that he did not allow me to hide my face, that instead he watched me intently with a smug expression on his face. He sensed my anger and I could tell that it pleased him.

 My mouth closed around the index finger that kept caressing my open lips. I bit down hard. It was my short temper acting out and I wanted to punish him for holding my face to his.

In response , he growled at me loudly and the planes of his face did not look entirely human. Again, his expression did not frighten me, but instead made me gasp with pleasure. He enjoyed that . He knew that I was teasing him.

He let out a long deep moan against my  lips.

Bella, love, hmmmmmm consider  yourself very lucky that you are  human in this moment. Otherwise I could take you in such a way  that would have you screaming in pleasure until sunrise

I whimpered and sucked on his lower lip.

Then Edward laid me fl

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