Edward and Bella The lost chapter version II

I  walked slowly across the fine silky beach.  Everything was black and white, bleached by the moon. I approached the curved tree, paused for a few seconds trying to steady my trembling hands, and unhooked the white towel from around my naked body.

Keep it together Bella, dont be a coward, I repeated over and over in my head. Why was I so nervous? Havent I daydreamed about this countless number of times?

I made my way very slowly towards the edge of the water. Edward wasnt hard to find. He stood, his back  to me, waist deep in the black water, staring up into the white moon. Both his palms rested on top of the water.

I was more than positive that he could hear me, hear my heart thudding uncontrollably in my chest. Its noise echoed in my ears and it was like someone banging against a huge drum.

He did not turn.

I made my way across the ocean floor walking very carefully on my tiptoes. Then finally, finally, I was at his side placing my hand gently over his cool hand. I could feel the electricity humming away between us.

Beautiful, I said looking up at the moon.

Its all right,  he answered ,unimpressed.

He turned his head towards me and his eyes looked hungry. Not the way which would make me fearful, but in a way that twisted my stomach and sparked  a deep burning ember in the pit of my loins.

But I wouldnt use the word beautiful, he continued. Not with you standing here in comparison.

I blushed and placed my right hand over his heart. My hand no longer trembled.

His eyes smoldered and bore into mine. His breathing was unsteady. Slowly his perfect lips parted , I promised we would try, he whispered.

If . . . . if I do something wrong, if I hurt you, you must tell me at once. His words were fervent and tense.

I placed my forehead against his muscular chest and nodded solemnly.

Dont be afraid, I whispered. We belong together.

His strong arms wrapped around my waist gently. Forever, he whispered into my ear ,pulling us gently into deeper water.

Edward cradled me in his arms tightly against his chest. The water was midnight black around us and reached the top of his sculpted arms. He bent his head and placed his forehead against mine.

I love you, he whispered against my trembling lips.

And I love you, I stated.

His lips crushed down on mine then, hungry and urgent. He pulled me even closer against his stone chest and my entire body trembled, but not from the cold. This made him moan quietly against my lips and his full lips parted mine with a new kind of ferocity.

How many times had Edward and I kissed? But never, ever, had Edward kissed me with so much passion. His tongue, sweet and gentle, explored my mouth in new and fascinating ways. The entire island could have exploded in flames and I wouldnt have noticed, or cared.

He pulled away, leaving me gasping for air.  I heaved my chest against his and yanked at the back of his hair greedily. His lips were caressing my neck and then moved to my collarbone. Sweet little kisses across my collarbone made me tremble again , and I clutched at him harder.

Bella, he murmured against my neck. His hands were beginning to get greedy too and he clutched gently at my waist.

I caressed his face with my fingertips and kissed gently across his jaw line reaching his full lower lip. I licked  the tip of my tongue across his lip and then sucked on it gently. I heard his breath hitch in his chest.  His lips were on my neckline again. I rolled my head back and moaned quietly.

I barely registered Edward carrying me out of the water and across the white sand into the house.

He laid me down on a soft white pillow and laid down almost on top of me. Only his chest was on mine.

We began to make out passionately. Edward caressed my cheek with his hand and stroked the hair out of my face.

My heart almost exploded out of my chest when I felt Edwards cool hand gently place itself on my stomach. His lips pulled away from mine and he looked intently into my eyes. The look on his face made me tremble and whimper.

He was staring watchfully into my eyes and I was mesmerized unable to pull my gaze away. Then slowly, very gently , his right hand began to caress my stomach. Edward pulled himself higher and away from me.

His eyes left mine and  for the first time appraised my body. My cheeks grew hot and I became self conscious.

I could feel his eyes looking at my breasts moving up and down with the rise and fall of my lungs. I felt them scan lower across my stomach and lower still across my sex and legs.

Suddenly , his face was inches away, his eyes locked on mine.

Beautiful. . . . so delicate and exquisite, he breathed against my lips.

I felt suddenly better. I was content that after really seeing me he still approved. He still wanted me the way I wanted him right now.

His lips were on mine again . His hand moved  slowly down my neck and very gently , just the very end of his fingertips, traced lower until they finally found themselves on my right breast. He cupped my breast delicately in his marble hand, his thumb tracing slow circles around my nipple.

My breathing turned to short slow gasps. His sweet lips moved to my neck but didnt continue towards my collarbone instead, for the first time ever , they moved  lower and lower still until his gentle kisses reached my right breast. I moaned as he took my delicate nipple between his lips and tugged on it gently with his teeth.

My hands threw themselves around his muscular back and neck and clutched him closer.

His cool tongue was caressing my left breast now and his hand tenderly squeezed my right.

His breathing was loud and unsteady as his lips began to  hungrily explore between my breasts and down my abdomen. His left hand was placed against my head and his right moved up and down my smooth right leg.

He showered me with sweet little kisses around my belly button. I trembled.

His strong hand moved up my right thigh and I concentrated on trying to breathy steady. He took a firm hold of my inner thigh and slowly pushed my leg apart and away from my left.

I whimpered quietly. I was completely exposed and vulnerable but I was not nervous or self conscious.  This was Edward , the love of my existence, the key holder to my destiny.

His lips started moving towards my neck again , kissing up my stomach, around and over both my breasts, up my neck across my jaw line, until they rested against my lips for a brief moment before he parted them with his tongue and kissed me deeply.

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