EggOnlyEgg's fight for life.

For those of you that have been on this site as long as I have, you all know EggOnlyEgg. At one time she was a mod, and she was a big contributor both to the featured videos, and the general camaraderie that I think sets ebaums apart from most (if not all) media sites across the internet.

A week ago today, EggO, as I always called her, was in a serious car accident, and remains in critical condition. No one can tell at this stage if she will live, but the family is betting on the chance she will and giving her arguably the best care in the nation for a person with injuries as serious as hers are. However, she has some serious odds against her, and if she does live, there is no doubt she will not be the person she was before Thursday's accident.

I am posting daily updates to her condition on a private facebook page. For those of you that consider her a friend and would like to keep updated, the link is


Uploaded 07/21/2011
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