So, I've been trying to convince my husband to let me "donate" an egg or two. It'd be really nice to help someone who can't conceive on their own, not to mention that "donors" get paid between $3000 and $10000 per egg (it depends on what clinic in what state and all that jazz). Just donating one egg would get us enough money (and then some) to finish our house.

But, of course, he has a problem with the idea. He doesn't like the idea of my DNA, my genetics floating around out there somewhere. I've tried to make him understand that it's not like it would really be a part of me, I'd just be giving someone a boost, but he doesn't like the idea. I've also tried to get him to see how much it would be appreciated (even if it would be anonymous) by the recipient by making him imagine what it was like for my mom for ten years of trying to have a baby, not getting pregnant (she had problems ovulating even on fertility meds, meanwhile I get pregnant while on birth control), trying to adopt and getting laughed at by the adoption agent when being told that she's too old to try to get on the infant waiting list. It's a very sad thing.

So, gentlemen (and other ladies), how do you feel on the subject? Would you let your wife or girlfriend (or girls, would you husband/boyfriend/whatever) donate an egg?



(PS: I put quotations around donor and donation because I don't really know why they call a person a donor if they get paid to do it...)


ETA:  By doing this, the fertility treatments to stimulate my ovaries to produce the eggs would also more than likely get him what he has been hinting ever so subtly at:  another child of his own soon after donation.

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