Ehh, hey there.

This would be my very first blog entry. Ever. Not just for ebaums world, I mean I have never had a blog before in my life. My blog cherry has just been popped. Congradulate me if you like. So, let me tell you a little 'bout myself. I'm some crazy weirdo woman nerd hippie punk from hell. I totally rule. I'm a big ol' metal head rocker, as you probably gathered from my username. Some of my favorite metal bands include, but are not limited to, dragonforce, metallica, dio, iron maiden, saxon, nightmare, straight line stitch, dethklok, tesla, and dokken. I also love old school 70's rock n' roll. I love it to death. ( Yeah, you like my Alice Cooper allusion, don't ya?) I also like rockabilly, folk music, reggae, certain rap songs... bit of everything, ya know? I also enjoy dressing up like a freak. Seriously, a typical wardrobe for any given week would probably look something like gypsy one day, flower child next day, then Elegant Gothic Lolita, then cosplay, then gothic princess, then tomboy, then girly girl the last day. I also haven't shaved for over a year... Seriously, why would anyone wanna spend all sorts of time and money on razors, creams, formulas, waxes, and all that gross chemical shit just for the hair to come growing back longer, thicker, and darker? Not to mention all the accompanying pain involved with hair removal... ouch. Pointless. Besides, I'm quite proud of my treasure trail, thank you. Umm... What else... Oh yeah! I'm a kinky ass mo-fo!! I absolutely ADORE BDSM. for those who don't know what BDSM is, it basically means that I like people to tie me up and kick my ass. And I also like to tie up and kick the asses of others. That's the wisdom of it. I'm also into poetry, especially the beatniks. God, the beats kicked ass. Umm, letsee, what else... I'm a fantasy girl, with my head in the clouds.  I love old school 80's magical girl anime with dragons and mermaids and unicorns and what not. I'm also into rare and obscure fairy tales, as well as creative interpretations of classic fairy tales. Awesome. I also have a weird obsession with centipedes, spiders, scorpions, and bats. I also like snakes, but not quite as much. I don't care what anyone else says, but I will always love my pet centipedes and spiders. I'd probably have the scorpions and bats too if the mo-fos weren't so goddamn hard to find. I'm also a comic book nerd. I love comics. My very favorites so far are Batman and Black Widow. Kinda mainstream, I know, but they have more psychological aspects than, oh, let's say, superman (whom I hate with a passion.) Besides, I have some knowledge on some lesser known comics which are just as good. I can psychoanalyze the shit out of anything I can get my filthy little paws on. So, I guess I prattled on about my coolness for long enough. Anything else ya wanna know, just ask me! Peace out, my pretties.

Uploaded 05/27/2008
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