Elect the Dead!

I was bored the other day and I went on Youtube to watch some music videos. After listening to some random bands, I came across System of a Down. I started to listen to a lot of their songs and I love them. I was reading the comments when someone said that the band broke up/on hiatus (whatever). They also said that Serj Tankian went solo and started to release some kick ass singles. After listening to all their music I could easily tell that they were a politically involved band. Serj even has a website that has some really really good points on it. The site lists about 5 things that could make America truly great. Some examples are getting rid of the Electoral College, taking money out of politics, and allowing Americans to choose where their tax money goes. I highly recommend that you guys check out this band if you like Rock/light metal because they are fantastic. Now, I know that you may think this is spam, but it really is not. I'm just telling you that these guys are amazing and are actually very intelligent.

Anyway, that is enough ranting for one day and I hope you guys like their music as much as I do :D

Uploaded 07/31/2008
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