Electronic Frustration

So I wake up this morning with a full day. Cleaning the house, installing my stereo and amp in my car, find the parts for my camera which broke the other night.

  So i finish cleaning and look for the wiring diagram i had for my aftermarket pioneer to put into my sonata. Well guess what? somewhere along the line i may have thrown it out. Fine, I found it on the internet before, so I look again, and look and look and look. Can't find it. Anywhere, my b/f is following me around the house telling me you need this and this and this. I know what I need thank you this is not the first time i have done this. You can buy this he says. No i cannot buy anything money is insanely tight right now.

    I cannot believe that i cannot find this stupid piece of paper that i held onto with my life for the past year is gone. I went to the pioneer website to search for it. But the page loading is worse than dial-up. I mean I sat here for 5 mins waiting for the page to load only to see 5 times (after refreshing) "Page timed out" I was even going to do away with the paper and sharpie the diagram onto the headunit. GRRR! No luck on google or anywhere else. BTW its a pioneer deh-6 xu/uc if anyone can help.

    My next frustartion now comes from the fact that somehow the screen to my polaroid digital camera shattered. I did not drop it. I placed it into my purse on Friday night to take pictures of my friends new baby and my b/f nieces recital. Got the pics of the baby and one hour later I pulled it outto take pictures of her dancing.  To my shock and disapointment. A nice white screen with a spiderweb crack. Unfortunatly this model has no view finder. So even if i wanted to bypass the screen I cannot.

   So this morning I look up the part on Google. (i am hugely into DIY, I love to learn new things and I'm pretty handy). But guess what cant find it at all. Try to contact the polaroid site. I am greeted with "Problem loading the page" GRRR!!! WTF? I feel the frustration boiling up inside me. (oh my god my b/f is babbling about the sham-wow infomercial. I wish he would stop talking I dont have patience right now.). So I call my mom cause it was a gift from her. To ask to make sure she has the reciept. Its still under warranty but I need the proof of purchase. I call her and she tells me "Oh no i dont think I do, I have to ask your father, but dont count on it.". ( i now how bruises on my head from banging it on the wall.)

   I now need to step away from the whole scenerio, I say I will go make my self a nice PB&J. Get out the bread, smear a ridiculous amount of PB on the bread, reach for the jelly. THERE IS NO GOD DAMN JELLY! I am now in the kitchen cracking up. My b/f is laughing at me. I am now two giggles from ripping his head off.  I take my "choke" sandwich as my bro would like to call it and I go sit somewhere quiet. Trying to regroup. I think i will smoke the last bit of his weed now. With his permission of course because I think I am seriously done with this day. And it is even 3pm yet.

I tried to blog this out, but he is making fun of me because I am on here blogging. Fucker now Im not going to ask to smoke.


Uploaded 08/03/2008
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