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You spineless little goof bitches. The only thing lower than you in tha world is the parents that brought you in it. Sorry, I dont mean that, I bet they did tha best job they could raising your thick-headed, hillbilly asses. In fact, I feel sorry for them. Go tell your mother right now, YoungTune feels sorry for you..

So I make a blog about people hating and the only response is from these small minded homos having a comment gangbang.. I know you might think you are tha man on the internet, or your cool when you and your fellow HATERS connect on an idea while HATING (at terribly unfunny attempts at insults, at that) but in reality your not the super enlightened, Mr. educated little fuck you think you are. Some how, you have convinced yourself that the backwards logic you follow is meaningful. You don't even realize the irony at your wannabe tough-guy comments on a blog that is only schooling you insignificant jealous punks on how to be a real man, not some spiteful little teenage bitch. And thats all your mentality will ever amount to, you can't stand tha fact that people are just better than you. Some people(you guys) have to try really hard to fit in or be cool, some people just dont give a fuck, and in turn are better than you. So If you dont like my shit, then fuck you and yours. You think your fucking opinions matter to anyone? nothing in your life will ever matter. Never. You closed-minded, followers. People like me do what tha fuck we want, lame dick-rider fags like you, do what you are told. Die slow u bitchass faggots.

Uploaded 10/06/2008
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