Elvis Presley, The Original Vanilla Ice

Many people heard about the legendary singer Elvis Presley and that he was a great vocalist. He wrote hundreds of songs and many of them became worldwide hits. But in the 21st century it kind of slips from the history pages that Elvis Presley became popular as the white man playing black music. In his times, something like that was was... unrefined to do for a white person, since America was very racist. Presley, being the first to break out of that generalisation, sang like a black man with a white man's voice and body. He dressed in a way that could offend and did moves that would then qualify as vulgar. That was what attracted rebel teenagers then, but that wasn't the only thing about Elvis, since he was a genius and his music was awesome.

Vanilla Ice, a musician popular in the 90s was also a white singer that became popular for being the first Eminem - a white rapper. Having a talent comparable to Presley's, he stormed the charts with his whack songs. His costumes were tight and so was his lyrics. 

The thing about these two artists is that they broke the wall of racism in music. Genres that were categorised as black music are no longer labeled like that. You have Elvis and Vanilla Ice to thank for that.

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