Embarassing yet true story.

I used to volunteer at a week long summer camp for kids. With a bunch of other students from other highschools we'd teach 6th graders about plants, animals, water cycle...ect that kind of stuff.

So one female counseler had her birthday out there, she had just turned 16, and we had a celebration in the main camp after lights out. Lots of dancing, and games, one of the senior members pulled out his fiddle and we started having a barn dance, and I got to dance with the birthday girl. I was STOKED! She was a beautiful redhead, and I was totally going to weasel a kiss from her by the end of the night. Once the dance was over nobody would talk to me. Nobody made eye contact everyone would turn there back on me when I would walk up to them.

Roll it back a few hours. I was getting some clean clothes on which included a pain of pants I had just got, I had no idea what they were made of but they were warm, and were plaid, My kind of look at the time. Well, it started to rain (This is Oregon mind you) so not thinking anything of it I kept on teaching kids the finer points of animals and got them to bed while I was soaking wet.

Enter the dance. I'm thinking I'm smelling bad but this isn't the case, I crack jokes nobody smiles or even looks at me,

I say out loud "Well at least nobody knows that I don't wear underwear" which I in fact do but I just want some acknowledgement or response.

Girl looks at me "I know you don't" with that she looked down, I look down. Un oh.

The rain from earler had shrunk the wool pants I had put on earlier that day, which once shrunk seemed even smaller from the boner I got dancing with the redhead, and was further accentuated by the amount of jumping involved in a barn dance.

Yes folks your humble narrator had a cock print in his pant, which everyone could see.

I was never looked at the same way again that week, but I did get the redheads number. Unfortunately being an awkward teen I never called her.

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