Embed, In Bed and Inbred.

Well as I first thought the embedding option has damaged the blog section. I have noticed a downturn of creativity in the blogs lately. The quality of the blogs and even the commentary has been  reduced to shit!

I used to wake up in the morning excited to see what was posted here, but now I just want to stay in bed. Of course, I am just as guilty as anyone and can't seem to produce a decent blog.
It's as if my thoughts have been diverted by a dam. Simply said, the embed option makes me lazy, leaving the video to do my thinking and expression for me. What use is that? I might as well fall from the earth.

I hate to criticize or dismiss an idea without first trying it out, even how distasteful it is at first. Not all new ideas are bad, but this embed option has made me feel like I'm inbred. My thought  processes have been put on hold due to my human weakness to do the easiest thing. Please forgive my indiscretions, I will not fall into this trap again.

The only good blogs I've read lately have been without videos. StraightJacketGirl didn't fall into the trap and wrote a couple of cool blogs. There were others by Duenan who didn't get sucked in, except for that video feed for Appleseed. I might be wrong but I think everyone who used them went down hill pretty fast.

Just writing this blog has been an effort, I feel like a recovering alcoholic.

Hi! My name is Letemdangle and I am a videoholic!

Let the healing begin!

I'm going to need support here guys.

Uploaded 10/11/2010
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