Embedded Music

Some people think it's cool to have music playing on their blogs which the user cannot turn off and which has no volume control.  Now, I had this problem on my website.  I made the site years ago and at the time it was appropriate for the site.  The problem is that years later, I forgot how I did it and couldn't remember how to remove it.  Luckily, I figured it out yesterday.

It can be a problem if you have other media on your site or in your blog.  The loud, annoying music can be a huge distraction to others as they try to read or view the information you have posted.  Most people will probably just close the tab or move on to something else without reading or viewing the information.  Some people don't care, though.

Some people post noisy, tinny, cheap video game-sounding music for the sole purpose of annoying others.  I suppose that makes them feel superior to others in some way.  Of course, this is meaningless on a site like eBaum's World where all the readers have the utmost respect for one another.  I couldn't fathom anyone here doing such a thing.

Yes, long, meaningless blogs with noisy, irritating music can be a detriment to the serious blogger.  Even if the music isn't noisy and irritating, different people have different tastes and it's likely that some of the readers won't appreciate your taste in music.  I've seen it on other sites... a page where the music blasts so loud that it nearly blows your speakers and you struggle to get the volume turned off quickly as possible if you feel the content is worthy of reading.  Sometimes you can almost smell the pungent odor of the speakers burning as the sound waves quickly transport it to your nostrils, causing you to have to reach for a rescue inhaler or a Neti pot with which you can wash out the smell.  Of course, then you have to run for some cotton balls, tripping and weaving due to your now ruined equilibrium, to soak up the blood streaming from your ears.  I'm just thankful that such a thing doesn't happen here on eBaum's World.

Disregard this if the music happens to be your latest favorite teen idol.

Uploaded 06/25/2011
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