Embrace your darkness

Now I'm not saying to go out and kill someone, even though there are people deserving of that. I'm saying that we all have a dark side and you can't try to talk me out of thinking that because it's simply a factual statement. No person here can say to me that they have never had a dark thought in their life because they, and I, know that's not true.

I have shown you all two sides of Deunan. The lonely philosophical Deunan and twisted dark Deunan. Do not assume that I am nothing more than a two sided coin. I am a many faceted gem. I have decided to show only two sides for now. I will show more as I get to know you guys better and as I get better at this whole writing thing.

Lately a lot of shit has been happening in my life (work issues, my daughter is very ill, ex wife issues) and I tend to fall into dark Deunan. It helps me cope. Speaking of...I'm off to watch Natural Born Killers followed by The Devil's Rejects and then maybe From Dusk 'til Dawn. Can you feel me?

Embrace your darkness occasionally, it's good for you.

Multi faceted Deunan


Uploaded 09/29/2010
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