eminem or lil wayne? whos the best rapper alive?

so with em's new album coming out there is alot of controversy about what will happen between him and lil wayne. weezy is the best there is, that is, right now while we havent heard anything from em lately. however, if you forgot, em has been the best to ever touch a mic since he met dre and if his album is as hot as we all know it will be, there is a good chance that weezy will just disapear out of the game. i dont see a collaboration in the future due to the fact that 50 has talked alot of shit about wayne and baby (birdman) after they kissed, on the lips, in front of everyone at the vma awards a while ago. wayne kept his mouth shut about 50, probably because he realizes that beef with 50 is beef with em and em may be the only rapper that can end waynes career if they battled. that is a battle i would love to hear. anyways what i want to know is who all of you think is the best, em or wayne? who would win the battle if they had one,and any other facts or comments about these two.

Uploaded 12/06/2008
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