The night had come and darkness reigned. The sun had said goodbye to his best mate Phil who lived in the penthouse apartment of one of the cities most beautiful skyscrapers. On the outskirts of Narrow city (a sprawling metropolis full of oddities and unique points of view) resided those people who liked the convenience of a city but preferred a patch of grass and a fenced off neighbour. They seemed normal enough, working in the city by day and sipping coffee at their windows in the evening watching Phils mate cast his last light on their perfectly pruned gardens. Now that night was here they'd all retired from their windows to their sofas. The streets eerily lit by the glow of television and street lights. But this was not to be a normal night, they were awakening at last from a long sleep.

Though they'd tried many times Laura and Paul just couldn't bring a child into this world. They felt the rest of the suburb shunned them because of this. Every other house was bustling with new life. It had become a strain on their marriage. When arguments broke out they would normally end with one of them passing the blame. Laura would silence Paul with comments about his manliness and lazy sperm, Paul need only mention barren womb and Laura's arguments would be stilled. And so it came to pass that on this night they sat in separate rooms. Laura was cuddling a blanket to her goose bumped skin, she wished she'd learned to work the heating system before falling out with Paul. Paul lay in a too hot bath, his laptop placed on top of the toilet seat so he could watch a film. Tonight he settled into the bubbles with the sights and sounds of 'Night of the Living Dead' oozing from his laptop through the steam.
In every other house a teenager stretched their weary limbs and let their head fall lazily to their chest as they rose from their beds. Their well groomed black hair falling loosely over any visible facial features. They all sighed, went to a mirror and applied makeup. They pulled on their black and morose clothes. Then they wrote a status update on their Facebook pages, picked up a full black bag and headed down the stairs to their parents.
Laura heard the first of the screams and peered out of the living room window. There were no visible signs of trouble, not that Laura could see anyway. The only peculiar thing she noticed was that all the television glow had disappeared. Everyone must have gone to sleep, the whole town probably picked a bed time behind her back so they could outcast her further from the community. Typical. She turned to return to her blanket when she caught something move in her peripherals. She turned to see Mrs Anderson running down to her neighbours, a pink dressing gown barely concealing the skimpy lingerie which barely concealed her private parts, let alone her flabby public parts. Paula assumed it must be domestic violence, 'brilliant' she thought 'now we wont be the talk of the town anymore'. She smiled, the recently acquired crows feet around her brown eyes crunched together. She brushed her auburn hair behind her right ear and kept watching Mrs Anderson as she knocked frantically at the neighbours door. She saw people emerging from Mrs Anderson's door, it was hard to see them, they all seemed to be dressed in black. The neighbours door opened and a blood curdling scream filled the street.
Paul heard a scream, he heard lots of screams. Great movie. He took a swig of his beer and jumped a little as the cold condensation from the bottle his his hairy chest. He urinated freely into the warm water, barely noticing it, it had become a habit. Sweat dripped slowly down his bald head, some settling on the lashes above his green eyes, some sweeping past his black head peppered nose and the rest just coming to rest in his slightly ginger beard. He was at his most content within a bath, nothing could get to him here. Nothing except for the blood curdling scream that tore through the entire street. 'The movie's not that good', he thought to himself. 
What Laura saw next she just couldn't explain... I can though. Mrs Dawson was stripped of her lingerie by shadows with white faces. One of them sprayed something over Mrs Anderson's blond hair which made it disappear, one of them went to work on her face with tools from a bag, one of them dressed her in black. Then they held her down until another one approached. His head drooping to the floor, his shoulders slouched and his shoes skuffing lethargically off of the path. He simply staired into her eyes and Mrs Dawson rose, but she didn't look up. 
Paul quickly threw his clothes on and ran down the stairs. Water fell from his wet body and the word Laura tore from his mouth. As he reached the bottom of the stairs he heard a knocking at the back door. He opened it and saw John Archer, stood their in his pyjamas (quite nice pyjamas too) his daughter in his arms her face slightly covered in white and one of her eyes shadowed black. "You have to help us", John said, his voice broken and weak, a tear falling slowly down his left cheek. "Come in John, God come in". He ushered them in and then locked the door behind them. They went through into the living room where Laura sat cradling her legs."They're all... I don't know what. but they're all something". She said."What are you talking about", Paul followed her finger out the window and saw the entire street stood outside. Their heads bowed to their chests, black hair drooping to the front. The little of their faces he could see where covered in white makeup. Their clothes were all black, black shirts with slogans on them. Some read 'I'm gonna draw a picture, a picture with a twist, I'll draw it with a razorblade, I'll draw it on my wrist', another read 'Why am I dying to live, when I'm living to die'. Edgy stuff."I know what this is", John said "It's Emo's, the town has all become Emo". "How depressing", Paul said, he looked around for a smile, either no one got it or they weren't in the mood. He decided to try it again later. "So what do we do"?"They can't come in unless we ask them too", Laura replied hopefully."That's vampires hunny", Paul insisted. She looked scared so he went over and hugged her. They hadn't hugged in weeks and the tension between them felt lessened a little. The hug was short lived however, the door flew open... well actually it just opened, no one had locked it. A miserable looking teenager walked in and sighed, he looked up a little, his eyes peering through a cage of black hair. His head shook in dissaproval and then fell back to it's natural position. Paul grabbed Lauras laptop and google searched 'How to stop an Emo'. The first website (Yahoo answers) didn't help at all, though Paul did find the irrelevant abuse humerous. Then he went onto wikepedia "I've got it, you have to hit them under the chin", he blurted out."But that's impossible, they're so miserable. Their heads are so low", Laura said, feeling hopless just as two Emos started to drag John and his daughter out of the room. "Shit", Paul shouted. He shut the laptop, ran towards them and shouted "Hey, Elmo"."It's pronounced Emo", one of the teens said, his head lifting from his chest in dissaproval. Paul swung the laptop with all his might cracking the plastic under the Emo's chin. The Emo fell back and landed on the floor just as a CD fell from the drive of Lauras laptop. Paul looked at the CD."Lesbian love affairs 8. What the fuck Laura"?"I like the story", Laura said defensively with a shrug."Erm guys... help", John said with an odd calm as he was pulled further out the door, his daughter still held in his arms. But there were too many for Paul to help, all he could do was snatch Johns daughter away before John was served a fashion makeover.Paul, Lara and the child ran to the back door, opened it and then charged up to the shed. The shed was locked, the back door wasn't. A neighbourhood of depressed Emo's marched slowly towards them. The garden fell prey to a symphany of sighs."I'm sorry babe", Laura said."For what", Johns daughter said."Not you, she means me... you mean me right"? Paul offered."Of course I mean you"."Told you", Johns daughter said."No, I mean Paul", Laura corrected. Paul stuck his tongue out at Johns daughter who looked away disguted."There's no need to be sorry, we both made mistakes. Anaway, we should try and be happy for these last few seconds. Looks like we might end up being depressed for a long time". Laura shot him a smile, it warmed his heart, it expoloded the heart of the Emo behind him. "Holy shit" Laura said, covering Johns daughters ears with her hands."You know what they say", Paul grinned "smiling is infectious"."I guess they can't handle the joy"."Stop gloating you pricks, lets give 'em joy before they take ours away", Johns daughter said."... right. Erm, when this is done we're teaching you some manners", Paul said.They lined up, backs to the shed and smiled three smiles so big it could warm even the coldest old persons house.
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