Did you ever notice how certain animals in the zoo pace alot? It's usually the large mammals, the ones they keep in the glass enclosure or in that shitty little cage with the pond in it. I think I'm the onely one who feels the way they do. not just because I pace a whole lot, but just because I get that same sort of feeling all day. It seems like I just walk from one enclosure to another. It's not just the enclosures though, it's the whole mentality. It's the things people get distracted with. somehow so many people are happy with thier televisions and thier sporting events, but when i try to enjoy these things, and I've tried, I feel kinda like house pets do when you try to give them toys. They usually don't give a shit, or even understand. they don't know what's fulfilling about that. We do it to them because we're used to getting it. We're used to being fed a song and dance all day long. Our lives are filled with distraction. the funny thing is we're so deprived of things we actually need and so distracted with useless shit, we're grateful and feel fortinate when we get things animals get without thought. to get food and shelter we have to acomplish things and trade colorful paper for it, and we feel like we earned it. What the fuck is this nonsense? there's food everywhere. Food growing at every corner, food running around outside. why the hell do we work for it? I know it's nice to get the particular food you want sometimes and to sleep in the particular enclosure you like, but realistically thres plenty of food and plenty of room to sleep. I know you have hang ups about sickness and death and you think the world is going to rape you up the ass if you don't hide inside your pretty white box, but that doesn't happen. of course, civilization might rape you up the ass, I wouldn't be surprised, and if you're weak and not vigalent your ass might not live long, but that's life. it's not very diferent from our pseudo world we created. Sex is the weirdest one. humans are happy when they get sex. eesh. don't get me wrong, sex is fun. it makes you feel great, it cures sickness, it makes you all together healthier, but calm the fuck down it's just a bodily function. you don't get all happy when you take a dump, but that releases happy chemicals just like sex, as does eating or moving around. We're so deprived of the life part of living that we become grateful to be able to eat, shit, fuck, sleep, and move around. What do we feel superior to animals for? They get to do that shit for free and all day. It seems to be all humans want to do anyway. So why do we do this to ourselves? Do our egos need masturbating too? It's not such a good choice. The only ones getting any good out of this system are the same ones showing you that bright colored nonsense and people banging thier skulls together to distract you all day. Orson welles wasn't exactly right, big brother isn't controlling us carefully, he's is right up in our faces making sure we're looking at something.

Uploaded 10/14/2008
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