End of Epic Journey Blog PT7 Enjoy !

Standing in front of the doorway I can see the sunrise the horizon gleaming red, I turn back to look at Drake, walk over and cut the ropes from his hand and feet. I peel the duct tape from Drakes mouth and begin to make my way outside. Walking towards the sunrise I knew my life will never be the same but I will dedicate myself to destroying all that is corrupted, the things that make mans heart fill with greed and hate. I turn back to look at the house and I can see Drake hold the pistol in his hands. He takes aim and yells out diiieee! The hand grenade goes off , the burst of the explosion tearing Drake into pieces, the bullet leaving the barrel of the hand gun misses me, as if guiding me into my next destination, like the bullet in that hand gun I had a purpose but now Im lost heading in a direction that is unclear.


 End of Epic Journey Blog, I wrote these blogs because I asked my myself a stupid question Am I happy with my life? and I found the answer in this blog ! One mans struggle to find a purpose in his life Nobody in life is worthless. There are reasons to live, and they're within your reach. There's a mistake that pretty much EVERYONE in this world makes. It doesn't mean you're stupid, idiotic, pathetic, or moronic.


 Everyone, at some point in their lives, has asked "Why am I alive? I can tell you the answer to this question and why it's a mistake to think that way. Here is the mistake: You're looking for a reason to live. Why it's a mistake: You don't look for the reason, you create it. Happiness is not as hard to find as you may think it is. The key to finding happiness is to look in the right place. Chances are that you have been looking for happiness in all the wrong places. If this is you, you know how frustrating it can be. The key here is to work your plan until you have reached your goals and to never stop for nothing less. The moment you stop or allow defeat to enter in, you will never have true happiness. There will be plenty of opportunity to quit but you cant give up.



Thanks to all the you guys and gals that enjoyed my Epic journey blogs hope you found inspiration like I did, it made me really happy to see you guys enjoyed it ! Happy Holidays from Fuzzy! Like always Enjoy, Rate, and comment far_cry_2_hero.jpg

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