End of world

Depending on who you ask the responses about an apocalypse will vary.  Some claim an apocalyptic event is months away and others say years away.  Others say millions/billions of years away.  They claim it will end with some Godly rapture, a catastrophic natural disaster like a meteor, zombie apocalypse, the sun burning out, or humankind will revert to hunting and gathering after WW3 destroys modern civilization.

(Interestingly, when the sun burns out it will actually expand.....thus turning earth into a fireball.)

Very briefly I am going to discuss how I would prepare for life post-WW3. 
1.)  My first order of business:  Recognize a major war was unfolding and leave all major cities.  I would fill my car with gas and fill/stock up on 10 gallon fuel canisters and motor oil.  I'm not sure the lifespan of gas but I'll assume a year.

2.)Gather friends and family and stay off main roads.  Everyone in my group will get a lesson on evasive discipline and will practice shooting a few high caliber rifles.  Our goal will be to traverse the US and move NorthWest into Yukon territory or towards Montana/Utah/Idaho/N. Dakota.  We'll be stocked up on ammo and rations.
********I've given much thought into heading towards Mexico but I'm going to assume that the enemy has hit our oil fields in Texas and the lawlessness of cartels in that region will outgun, outnumber, and outpower my small band of survivors.

3.)I'll need .22 caliber bullets to trade to other groups of survivors including nails, hammers, and even matches. 
*********why a .22 caliber(.22 caliber is the most popular rifle in the US)

4.)  After getting out and away from the main cities we'll begin roaming the land.  We'll setup camp for the winters but continue moving through the summers.  I'm going to assume that lawlessness has prevailed and roaming bands of survivors with consist of mostly vicious opportunists only concerned with their survival or compassionate idealist's trying to navigate these new and murky circumstances as honestly as possible.

5.)  I won't try to stake my right to any lands because I'm not sure I'll be able to hold it from an overpowering force.   Rather we'll roam the lands like a fine tuned guerrilla unit.  We'll be a hunting/gathering band trading with local farmers and staving off attacks from outlaws by running and then maybe hitting back.

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