Endless Possibilities of Teh Interwebs.

I'm not that new to the interwebs.   I've played a few online video games, and have registered to many different websites over the years.   Each has their own set of rules and regulations.  Each is enforced differently.

I'm not trying to point fingers, or name names.  I'm also not here to argue about why things are the way they are, or why they won't change.  I would just like to mention what I know is possible when it comes to running a website with registered users.

It is possible for the ebaums staff to:

- Require members to be registered for a certain amount of time before uploading.  This would potentially deter spam advertisers from posting blogs here everyday... some of which stay here for many hours before they are flagged and deleted.  These people are looking for fast and free sites to advertise on... if they have to wait a couple days after they make an account, before they can post blogs, they are most likely to go somewhere else that's easier.  This will also help assure that only people who seriously want to contribute do, or they at least get to know the site for a couple days before they get to be apart of it.  Compared to the amount of time the average blogger spends here, a couple days is only a minor inconvenience.

- See IP Addresses, and use them to prevent people from making more than one account, or ban them from using this website on their computer (unless they know how to change it).   Each of us have seen ads that claim to know where you live (maybe even on Ebaums), for example "Meet Local Singles in (Insert City Here)."  Those ads are able to know where we live, by our IP Addresses.   I'm also a member of Poker Stars... although it is a game client that you have to download and install, I am only able to make one account per computer. 

- Filter Content.   I was once a member of a child friendly game website back when I was little.  Every single place where we had the option of inputting text, was filtered.   Strictly mind you.  You couldn't say any swear words, and even most abbreviation and punctuation loop holes were covered.  If something happened to get through somehow, they had a multitude of mods who monitored everything, and would instantly and permanently delete your account, without warning, if you broke any of their rules.  Somehow, this same website also knew if you were cheating at the game, and could monitor all interaction between each member, to investigate any scams or abuse.  I'm not saying that Ebaums should be this strict, but I am saying that it is possible for them to know what's going on, everywhere on this site.

I don't believe that the mods are capable of putting any changes of this extent into practice on their own.   These are all things that the developers of this website would have to do, if they wanted.   Even though most of this will never happen here, it's technically possible, and it's something we should all keep in mind.  Anything you see in place on another website is possible elsewhere.

Uploaded 09/25/2011
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