When my consciousness was severed from the vessel that was my body, I must admit that I felt a bit surprised. This was not quite what I was expecting. 

The stories in my life suggested some kind of place we go.... a destination, if you will. I suppose the thought would have helped allay any fears of nonexistence, as it seems fitting that we would hope to retain the only senses we knew in the form of reward or punishment for our past deeds. 

Instead, everything has been replaced only with a sense of awareness. I have been floating for some time now. Although "time" is better observed by those bound to a corporeal form, I still find it useful every now and again in keeping my surroundings in perspective. As I float through the cosmos, I have simultaneously witnessed the birth, life, and death of innumerable stars, planets, and universes. Many would be envious of this, but the visual representation of these events is far less interesting to me than the awareness of its occurrence. 

The order from the chaos can invoke only that much more emotion, the energy of my consciousness a part of a greater whole, pulsing in tune with the collective. I move through this place at the speed of thought, cradled within each breath that is the expansion and subsequent collapse of our universe. 

The theological implications of all that I have witnessed creates an overwhelming sense of nostalgia, as I want to take a breath of my own and laugh. We sought answers only because the limitations of the flesh fooled us into thinking there are questions. I continue to float, content not with knowledge..... but existence. 


I am at peace. 

Uploaded 07/09/2010
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