Envy And Jealousy

It's amazing how far some people can go with their rage when they are mad about someone's success. Recently, I've written a blog that made a lot of people rage. Before that, lots of fatsos, virgins, uglies and plain idiots were envious of my slim figure, my wisdom, my looks and my talent. Now it's like a shit storm of madness visited Ebaumsworld's blog section.

What happened? After I've written my wedding blog, it got 1starred over 160 times. The funny thing is... it was all the same person. Yes, the same person sit on her ass and kept 1starring my blog for hours. After she ran out of alts, she registered new ones and kept doing that. I'm not going to tell you who did it, but most of you already probably know.

The question is - what makes a person swoop this low in her anger to spend the whole day 1starring a blog - something that's basically meaningless (blogs don't get featured unless it's basically a funny gallery in the form of a blog). So what was the reason?

As a self-proclaimed psychologist, I have studied many cases of mental conditions that give you the chills. I'm glad that the person obsessed with me doesn't live anywhere near. I have heard many times that she's tried to find my address, school, talked to my facebook friends, etc.

Uploaded 06/03/2013
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