Epic Story

Rain poured as lightning pierced the sky. The two men stared at each other. Bulbaman couldn't wait any longer. He screamed in fury as he ran at Pikaman, his fist clenched ready to throw a haymaker.

Pikaman blocked his punch with his left arm and punched him in the stomach with the other. The blow hit pretty hard, but Bulbaman quickly countered by pulling on his shoulders and hitting his chest with his knee. The air was knocked out of him, but he couldn't stand still because there were more to come. He grabbed the next knee and pushed forward causing them both to fall. On top of Bulbaman, Pikaman started to launch a volley of punches against Bulbamans face. Blood trickled from his nose. Bulbaman dodged his fist and went to the side, grabbing his arm and pushing him forward. Pikaman got out of his grip and stood up. He kicked Bulbaman in the face as he was getting up, causing more blood to flow from his face. Bulbaman flew to the floor. He was being beaten, something that caused more hatred to burn inside of him.

He saw a loose piece of wood hanging from the wooden floor. With all his might he ripped it from the ground and pointed it at Pikaman. "You're fucked now." came from his cut and bleeding lips. He charged at Pikaman thrusting the wooden edge. Pikamans brow furrowed. He quickly maneuvered to the side and kicked him in the stomach. Bulbaman stumbled as the next blow came and hit him on the chin. Dazed he fell to the ground, letting the weapon go. The yellow man took the wooden edge. Bulbaman tried to get up as he felt the edge ram into his body. Blood started pouring out of the wound. Bulbamans broken body fell on the floor. Gasping for breath, his vision started to go. "I never wanted it to end like this."

The lightning stopped.

Uploaded 06/29/2010
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