Episodes From Neko City

The blog section is like a sitcom. There's a lot of dramas and entertainment here. More than that, there's a lot of diverse characters you get to love, hate or be indifferent to. You can read web logs and blog wars written by a whole bunch of people with different personalities, religions and views.

Ebaum's comedy central presents you it's valued drama series. In "Episodes From Neko City" you have an Obama supporter (spanki1889), an Obama hater (letemdangle), a teenage skank with personality disorder (tyaeda), a poet (spaceeagle), military man (twidget), a self proclaimed musician (rednote67), a guy who tries too much to fit in (starkweather)...

That's a lot already, but there's also the average Joe (Majorfathead), the emo malcontent who tries to act like their opinion matters to anyone (Rin), the gardener (ViralDarkness), and the badass villain everybody loves (fetismo).

If you think that's not a great show and can't find someone you can identify yourself with, remeber there's still the doofus with a savior complex (dread08), the guido douchebag (cutedude), the confused dorky chick (strghtjckgrl), the eccentric (frogbob) and his lovely wife (frogslady).

Interested in religious disputes? We have the ignorant atheist (Keld0n) to entertain you with his nonsense. Want to hear about marital problems? Tomlet is your guy. Even youngsters can find the kid trying to cope with grownups (slackjaw) and the town fool (hairynubs). The cool people will most likely grow fond of the techno fan (deevo25) and get entertained by the creative prankster (N0_U). It gets creepy around the obsessed, perverted weirdo (Gijoe) and sober around the activist (jasonkruger1313).

Fan of fantasy? You have Garadain if you're into DnD and Gyps if you're more into post-apocalyptic stuff. You want something unexpected and bizarre? The people of live chat are here for you (White_Chocolate, ZeroEnygma, Andrewryan69).

But the ratings skyrocket and viewers turn up the volume when the star of the show shows up on their screens. Awaiting for the newest surprise, the audience carefully follow their idol. MrsNekoJeans, the beautiful and talented Baumshell. This pretty musician is not only skillful in the art of playing an instrument. Neko's wits and charisma are legendary. People envy the Baumshell. A lot of them try to find dirt on their nemesis. They all fall, becoming simple puppets in Neko's game.

What's new this week? Neko's alt found? Or was it just a play from the gorgeous puppeteer? Am I a Neko alt? Who to trust? The twists go on and on. This show is fantastic.

Mystery, as people try to guess wheter or not Neko is amongs their ranks. Tragedy when the refugee camp for Neko-punched bloggers gets blown away by tyaeda, who thinks Neko infiltrated their shelter. Excitement, as people don't know which of tyaeda's friends is Neko's alt. Adventure, as Neko uses trolls' ignorance against them, giving them scraps of information to feed their obsession. Punishment, as the criminals get banned for giving out Neko's personal info. Socializing, because Neko has over 1600 friends on facebook. All that in the whole new season of Episodes From Neko City!
Uploaded 08/10/2011
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