eRep points a definitive system.

We all want eRep, all of us. From the douche who spams a couple messages  then gets bored, to the new member who wants to figure out a get rich quick scam.

Networked seems like the best way to go, I found a video and posted and got a message about how it was a repost. However it was already higher rated had more views in one hour then he got in a week, and when doing a search it was the 5th most populer that matched the criteria.

That said, don't be a douche. This is a fun site have fun with it and the points will come rolling. Ebaum makes money and isn't just going to hand anything out for free.

Don't spam a bunch of crap, because that will only irritate people.

I've only been a member for three weeks, and I know well enough that it doesn't do well to post a bunch of crap and hope it sticks. Though I am guilty of that when I first got started.

So just take it down a notch, have fun, and quit spamming a bunch of crap.

Oh yeah, I did the math on how to get half a million eRep in a little under 2 weeks, and it seriously is not worth the effort you'd have to put into it.


Uploaded 09/14/2008
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