Erep Points The Root of All Evil

I am writing this blog beacuse of all the issues I have seen lately involving so called "stolen material." Bitching about not getting featured, & so on & so on. I am going to air a few things out.

1st. People need to stop complaining about people getting a feature on something that was posted before by somebody else. I don't know how it works, but I assume it's something like this: Ebaums employee's sort through countless media & pick stuff to be featured. One person saw your video of the kid falling off a bridge & didn't think it should be featured. Two weeks later another employee sees the video on someone else's profile & thinks it should be featured & so it does. It's happened to me before & I'm sure a lot of other people on here. It happens from time to time & it's going to continue to happen, who gives a fuck.

2nd. People need to stop trying to treat this shit like a job. If you do not receive a check from this website then stop uploading mass amounts of material to get Gutiar Hero Legend of Rock. GO MOW A FUCKING LAWN or something! Get a fucking job. This whole erep point & prize thing has got a lot of people on here sounding like little whining bitches. Fuck erep points & that wack ass Mustang. By the time you accumulate enough points to buy it anyway. The world will probably not be using gas powered vehicles.

3rd. People really need to stop thinking that your media rating gets your shit featured. You really think that I am going to be more likely to watch a video uploaded by so & so because it has 5 stars on it when I know they have 10 different profiles on here & they are always rating their own shit up. I doubt it, & I doubt ebaumsworld is going to treat it any diffferently. So stop tripping out if your favorite upload on here got a rating of one star. Have you seen the shit getting featured on here lately?

Well, there is my rant of the day. I'm off to go mow a lawn. J/K -Cannon

Uploaded 09/22/2008
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