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Greetings from ebaumsworld global headquarters in San Francisco.  There has been a lot of questions about the status the eRep system.  This post will address many of those questions, as well as, recent speculation about the future of eRep.

As Ive often stated over the past month to many members of the community, given the recent change in who operates ebaumsworld, there is a lot of loose ends that need to be tied up.  Most of your questions fall into the following four buckets:

  • Status of prizes claimed over the last three months
  • Future of eRep system
  • Discovering and fixing bugs in the system
  • Incorporating user suggestions

Status of prizes claimed over the past three months - Currenty, we're going through the records left by the previous operators of the site.  This process includes: point verification, prize selection, shipping documents, etc.  We hope to have this process completed my the end of the first week in March. Immediately following all outstanding prizes will be shipped to users.

Future of eRep system - The eRep system will be maintained.  We hope to role out our first enhancements by the Summer soltice.

Discovering and fixing bugs in the system - The eRep tech team is working their a** off.  Nuff said!

Incorporating user suggestions - Thanks to all of you who have sent in suggestions on how we can imporve the eRep system.  Also, thank you to the enthusiastic users who have told me what a dumb a** I am, I, too, am always looking to improve myself!  As we role out enhancements to the system user input will be critical so please keep those well thoughtout and written emails to me.  i can assure you that I read everyone.

eBaumsworld is going to continue to bring you the best entertainment on the Web. 2009 will see us create innovative new features for our millions of community members. Stay tuned it's going to be a great ride.  Thank you for the continued support.

J. Fetus

Vice President, Global Affairs

Uploaded 02/25/2009
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