eReps and eBones the full story Part Duex

If you haven't read the Charles Dickens-esque novel by Hakik (Part 1)  please do so here:


Ive read countless comments attacking the  staff, or users saying they feel like they should have their eReps transferred  to eBones, or saying " I knew I should have claimed something 6 months ago..."  etc, etc,  so I figured I would try to clear up the confusion and make it simple and easy to understand.

1.) I want my eRep points  transferred / reflected in my eBones points...

A.) If this were an option / possible it would be completely against the whole reason for the new system.  The only way to be able to start awarding prizes again was to wipe the slate clean and start from scratch.  If they gave you your eRep points as eBones they would just be in the same boat, and the new system would be pointless.

2.)I knew I should have Claimed (insert prize here) a few (insert time-frame here)

A.) It wouldn't have mattered or helped.  If you have noticed users that have had tons of prizes pending they had been waiting and never received those prizes.  Alll of those users have had their eReps refunded back to their eRep points and eBones reset to 0. Prizes were not going out under the old system.  If  they did not  reset the points then users would have continued to claim prizes and just not get them.. So in short, if left unchanged users would have claimed prizes under the old system and never receive them. Now users are  actually able to earn and redeem points and get prizes.

I understand the frustration of some with have to "start all over"  but for a lot of user the eRep  was more of a status thing and not so much about the prizes.  Think about the users outside of the US / Canada,  we have some with 3,000,000 plus points who knew from day 1 that they could not cash them in, yet they enjoy the site / uploading / contributing and getting features so they continue to be active, valued users of the community.

The new staff is a polar opposite of the old tyrannical eBaum crew.  The old staff was all about them and doing whatever they wanted to, and after they sold the company, just not giving a shit about the users anymore even tho they were still running things.

The new staff is a lot more receptive to user input, and bettering the site and the community as a whole. New features have been, and will continued to be released and most are from user input, or ideas for new features in the site.

Last, but not least, users that have features will notice their eBones will rise rather quickly from residual views. Some of you haven't uploaded anything since they switch to the new system and have up to 15K or more eBones all ready from old media still getting hits.

So hang in there eBaumers, for a glorious new day is on the horizon. 

This is UCM signing off.

Uploaded 08/06/2010
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