eReps and eBones Youll love it like chicken!

And for those of you who do not love chicken, please feel free to use your favorite treat instead of chicken. Lets review: Way back in the spring of 2008 a little man whose name started with an e had an idea to reward users of eBaums World for their behavior on the site. It was a hit with the users with over two-and-a-half billion points accrued during its life span. Then one day a dark cloud appeared in a small town in upstate New York. The winds kicked up, the rains came and the little man whose name started with an e was shown the door by the righteous owners of eBaums World. Soon afterward, eBaums World found itself adrift on the interwebs. Then one day a group of highly motivated web entertainment practitioners took control of the site and decided to restore and improve it in a bid for world domination. After months of hard work and sometimes-careful planning, eBaums World has launched the new eReps and eBones programs. So whats different? Everything is different, really.  

 eReps is the system for determining your reputation as a member of the eBaums World community. What you do matters, and youll notice that if you accrued points under the previous system, your new point total and level is based upon the total points you earned under that old eReps system. If you claimed prizes or were waiting to claim prizes under the old eReps system, youre fucked. The old owners of eBaums World are responsible for those obligations and there is nothing I can do to help you. I cannot blame you if you decide to leave this shit site forever, but this is reality and sometimes reality can suck. Full details of the new eReps system can be found by logging into your account and clicking on the eReps link.

eBones is the new system where you can earn points by uploading content and redeem those points for various prizes. The more views your content gets, the more eBones you earn, and the more eBones you earn, the more awesome your prize options. Full details of the eBones system can be found by logging into your account and clicking on the eBones link. And THESE prizes will actually get sent ... seriously.

So there you have it. For better or worse, there are some changes to the way eBaums World works, and its important that you all know about these changes. I look forward to your feedback, and let the eBoning begin! And get your reputation in line or your mother might be eternally disappointed.

Uploaded 08/05/2010
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