Erepsebones. random tirade

                Who remembers not too long ago when your ereps could be used to win prizes?  I remember when I first joined ebw the top prize to win was a mustang. 

                Then came the ebones crap.  Its so freaking random as to how you go up.  Youre supposed to get points based on how many people view your media and how many things you upload.  Its really tragic when you think about it though because it doesnt go up the way its supposed to.  Right now I have almost 45,000 erep points, which now mean jack shit except I mess around on this website sporadically.  Yet I have 18,000 ebones, which when it comes to prizes means in another 7,000 points Ill get a 10 gift certificate. 

                Fuck that.  I was trying to win a new Mac laptop through this site.  I thought it would be fun.  How wrong I was.  First you have your troll groups.  The people that bitch that certain topics shouldnt be on this site.  Then you have your random idiot troll who always asks the most retarded question like did he died?  Seriously what the fuck does that mean?  Next you have the random ass troll, who will comment about a topic not in the blog post.  And last you have the jealous blogger looking to start drama by telling a person that their blogs are better than the ones they are commenting on.

                I know for a fact my blogs arent all that great, hell I started them as a joke to get people laughing.  Who remembers my rules blogs from about 6 months ago?  Yet I stopped because the trolls were getting to me. 

                Now I just ride it out.  If someone trolls my blog its fine, I still get an erep/ebone point for them viewing my media and commenting.  So thank you trolls, thank you for helping me reach some random bullshit numbers.

Uploaded 05/23/2011
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