Eric Holder, a Cold Hearted Government Man!

Could someone in the know please let me know how involved Eric Holder, The Attorney General for the USA, is in for the case of Yu vs Holder. 

Mr. Yu was a whistle blower as a manager for an air plane manufacturer. Basically, management was embezzling money and not paying the workers. Mr. Yu took it upon himself, even though he was still getting paid, to correct the injustice, but was instead tortured by police. 

Mr.Yu is currently seeking asylum in the US, but Eric Holder, a Democrat, is saying no to his plight?  Someone who has proven himself by being an honest citizen and worked his way up into middle management under a very tough regime? 

Eric Holder won the first circuit case basically sending Yu back to China with the strong possibility he will be executed. Thankfully the second circuit over turned the ruling based on obvious human rights abuses and systemic corruption. Still the BIA, under order, could decide Yu's fate.

So can someone please explain to me how near and dear is this case to Eric Holder? Why would Holder fight to send this man back to China when the case is so obviously in favour of Yu? Is Holder just some kind of figure head as he pretends to be in the case of Fast and Furious or does he feel  Yu is a lying con artist?  No one disputes the facts and the second circuit explained what those facts indeed mean. 

I thought the Democrats were the champions of the down trodden, the poor and the voice for the common worker. I'm a conservative and I wish I could help Mr. Yu, but the so called Democrats want to boot him out? It should read Holder helps Yu, not Yu vs Holder.


Uploaded 09/08/2012
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