Escape From Rainbow Island

  I was on a transport ship back to Rainbow Island.  Let me correct that.  I was on a transport ship back to what was formerly known as Rainbow Island.  The Rainbow Island Tourism Alliance voted unanimously to change the name to Unicorn Island, since I had last left.  This was due to the homosexual connotations and influx of homosexual themed vacations that were coming to the island.  The money was still coming in, but that's not the real drive behind the Tourism Alliance.  Unicorn Island has a dark secret that few people ever get to tell the outside world.  I was one of the few that got away from the island after discovering the secret.  That's why it was imperative that they hunted me down and delivered me back.   

   It all started about 10 years ago.  I took a vacation to Rainbow Island (Unicorn Island).  They advertise to singles because Unicorn Island has the highest percentage of single people of anywhere in the world.  They have beautiful weather and beautiful beaches.  The natives are beautiful men and women with bronze skin and blonde hair bleached by the sun.  When you fly into the island, you see miles and miles of massive, ornate buildings that circle a mountain.  Atop this mountain is Unicorn City.  Tourists are not permitted entrance to Unicorn City.  You see, the island is governed by a race of unicorns.  That's right...unicorns.  The native people all live by the beach and work in the ornate buildings which are all geared towards tourism.  The natives are second class citizens.  The unicorns live the life of royalty.  At least, that's what the brochure tells you.  I found out the truth.   

   On my second day there, I met one of the natives on the beach.  It was her day off.  She asked me to put some oil on her back.  I obliged and we started chatting.  I was asking her about the unicorns and how that made the natives feel.  She said, "We really don't have any hard feelings.  They treat us well.  We want for nothing.  We have easy jobs.  It is a good life."  I said, "Yeah...but they're unicorns.  Don't you resent the fact that you are governed by animals?"  She laughed, "Unicorns are not animals.  They are more advanced than humans you know.  They are vastly more intelligent."  I looked at her in disbelief and said, "I just don't buy into that." She laughed again, "Most tourists don't.  It's OK.  We natives are a happy lot and live really good lives."  I nodded in appreciation of that.  I said, "By the way, I'm Cesar.  What's your name?"  She looked in my eyes and said, "I'm Webb.  It's a pleasure to know you Cesar."  We talked for awhile and I asked her out to dinner.  We had a wonderful time the rest of the week.  We hung out the rest of the trip and got to really know each other.  On the last night, we were holding hands, walking down the beach and I asked Webb, "Do you ever think about leaving the island?"  She hung her head and said, "Natives are not permitted to leave the island."  I shook my head and asked, "What if you meet someone and want to be with them?"  She sadly replied, "We can't; unless that person stays on the island.  Why are you asking Cesar?"  I said, "I have really enjoyed being with you this week.  I just hate to think I won't see you again."  She excitedly said, "I have had a great time too.  I feel like we have something."  I nodded.  I took both her hands and pulled her in close to me.  I kissed her gently on the lips and whispered, "I think I love you Webb."  The words barely escaped my lips before Webb fell to her knees.  A strange blue and pink light enveloped her body.  She began a metamorphosis before my eyes.  She was transforming into a unicorn.  I had to step back from her.  The exothermic reaction was immense and unbearable to watch directly.  When I felt the heat dissipate, I slowly opened my eyes.  Where Webb once knelt, a huge, white unicorn stood.  Her horn was golden and her mane was decorated with royal purple, silk ribbon.  I felt two natives grab my arms.  Webb instructed, "Take him to the dungeons."  I was dazed and confused.  

   They took me to one of the ornate buildings and we took an elevator far below the mountain.  I arrived in a large dungeon full of other prisoners.  This is where I learned the truth of Rainbow Island.  I was chained in between two male prisoners, Miles and Sparks.  A few feet away sat a beautiful girl in a straight jacket.  She was rocking back and forth spewing curse filled rants of vengeance on the manicorn that did this to her.  The situation was surreal to say the least.  Once I gathered myself, I asked Sparks what was going on.  He said, "You don't know yet?"  I asked, "Know what?"  He just laughed.  Miles got my attention.  He said, "The natives on this island aren't humans.  They are in the pupa stage of their unicorn transformation.  In order to transform into unicorns, they have to get a human to fall in love with them.  As soon as the words are uttered, the transformation completes."  I couldn't believe what I was hearing.  I asked, "So why are we being kept?"  Sparks barked in, "If the human leaves the island, the unicoron is transformed back into a native.  Unless that native is the chosen king or queen, they cannot transform back into a unicorn.  That's the real reason for all these buildings.  They are prisons."  This seemed like a terrible dream.  I had one more question, "If it's so important for them to be loved, how come the unicorns don't want to be with the person that loves them?"  The girl in the straight jacket yelled, "Cuz the only thing that can kill a unicorn is being loved too much.  A human's love will kill the greedy bastards!  They don't feel love but they have to have it to survive."  I shut my eyes and waited for the nightmare to end.  It didn't end for three years.  

   I devised an escape plan.  With the help of my fellow three prison mates, I escaped Rainbow Island.  I vowed to let the rest of the world know what was going on here.  When I got back to the mainland, I told my tale.  It fell on deaf ears.  No one believed me.  I finally decided to let it go, for fear of being confined to a mental institution.  Yesterday I was arrested on a warrant from Rainbow Island.  I was told I was going to be shipped back.  I trembled at the thought of that prison.  I pleaded with the authorities.  No one believed me.  

   We just landed and I walk down the platform to see Webb in her native state.  Her beauty blinds me for a split second before I snap back to the hell she caused me.  I said, "Why did you bring me back.  No one believed me.  I was keeping my mouth shut."  She said, "I brought you back because I still love you."  I exclaimed, "What does it matter?  You can't go back to being a unicorn...I escaped."  She looked at me coyly, "I know.  I just want to be with you Cesar.  Our life can be a good one here."  I realized what was happening, "Oh my God Webb  Your are the queen aren't you?"  Webb smiled and playfully put her finger on her bottom lip, "Why would you say that Cesar?"  I knew I was doomed....       

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