Eshel5254 LMFAO!!!

My "blogs" dont suck!! It's the people that read my blogs that SUCK!! You people try too hard on your blogs trying to have perfect grammer and make it interesting for other people.. Who gives a FUCK ... this is'nt school . Who is there to impress?! Most of you people are obese,old and wrinkley and have no lives and if you do look good, your mentally disturbed and have no life and who gives a FUCK !? . I can't even defend myself because those Fuckin mods. I think you're all jealous because my blogs are better than yours !! and I could blog about whatever, however, whenever, and about whomever i want, cuz i Can and this is'nt deal with it! Your wicked comments only amuse me so dont stop! keep it cumming lol .and I accepted i have no fans here , this isn't myspace, and the people on my "friends list" are acually my enienems .... To the annoying fucks: , you WILL be blocked, stop annoying me, this is my only account, I ain't gonna kill myself , I ain't going nowhere, I ll leave when i get bored, I do wat i want, iam no ones Bitch, so FUCK yourself and suck my dick!

I am angie111 and I REALLY dont care I just wrote the blog to clear the air.

Uploaded 01/07/2009
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