Etiquette or just plain manners...

I noticed jackass posting a private conversation on meebo and I guess some people dont deserve privacy or to be treated with just a slight bit of good manners. I cant say because I didn't read his blog and I do like jackass but the idea of copy/paste of a one on one conversation, well...... when you are on meebo that is what meebo is, a one on one conversation. I know we live in a fast paced world of internet and cell phones and maybe the rules aren't posted or even definable. When I talk on meebo which I do a lot less than I used to and it doesn't appear that I should increase my use, shouldn't I expect at least some kind of decorum? It just seems to me that some simple rules should apply like...dont talk loud on your cell phone while in line at a grocery store or dont listen in on a private conversation or post one either. I have been called a cranky old guy shaking his fist with his cane (how in the hell did they know I walked with a cane) and maybe I am behind the curve on this subject but it just feels wrong to me. I understand that more and more people dont want to talk about God or politics and I am OK with that so I will just say this..........God is going to get you for voting for Obama. lol Now that is a joke people....sort of! joke sort of and on and on and on

I hate to write a blog like this but it seems to really bother me, Big brother watches us every minute of every day shouldn't we be able to let our guard down on a website that is supposed to be fun? Just for the record Jackass is not the only one to do this posting of a meebo conversation and maybe this guy deserved it but it just doesn't sit well with an old man who shakes his fist and walks with a cane while telling you that you are going to hell.   lol


Thanks for reading Bohank


Uploaded 09/29/2009
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