I used to write on this blog. A long time ago it feels like. I was maybe 18 and spat out bullshit like it was my job. Some of it relatively insightful, some of it pompous nothingness, most of it irrelevant status seeking in a made up environment others would call useless and a waste of time.


Ebaumsworld was a home for me, not in the way that some people hide from the world on the internet, I chose to embrace it and make it part of my identity as a Blogger. I feel that this was never a poor decision and my social identity never faultered from it.


So thanks to all the old guys like Ellimem and blue note, for always being funny.  Thanks to Letemdangle  Tomlet,Eastside Dave and I am sure the ten other committed bloggers on this site for sticking to it and always providing me with some interesting thoughts over the years. I doubt you even remember me because so many people have passed through this small corner of the internet, but I remember always feeling like a member of this little screwed up community we have all built for ourselves.


For any of you who do remember me, this is what I have done with the past couple years of my life. I just finished up studying a semester in Florence, Italy. I am still here in fact, waiting to get on a plane with two greek friends to go back to their home in Cyprus for nearly two weeks. I havent been in the states for nearly six months. I miss home but I am so glad I am here. It is very conflicting. There is so much I want to do when I get home, but it feels right for me to stay here. I know that all good things must come to an end and I must go back to the Land of the Free.

Not all bad though, I get to start my band up again. We did a good bit of touring on the east coast last summer and people still remember us so we should be able to fit nicely into some tour or something.

I am gonna be a Senior in college now. When I started writing on this website I was only a Junior in High School, (how fucking old do you veterans feel now?). Gonna graduate with a major in marketing and a minor in psychology and will probably end up working for some shitty job until luck turns and I land in something that I did not go to school for whatsoever.

Also, I fucked a hooker in Amsterdam. She was Asian. I was happy.


Thegodlyone has spoken (and probably venereal disease)

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