Even more Religion! K'ung Fu-tzu

Thanks to the teachings of K'ung Fu-Tzu the people of China lived peacefully and contently for thousands of years.

You will probably disagree with it, but there is more wisdom here then you would think at first. What he taught was that outward appearances were very important. Bowing to your elders, letting people go through the door first, standing up to speak to superiors were not just a matter of chance but meant something beautiful or at one time did.

He said "I believe in Antiquity, and I love it". He believed in the good sense of old customs and habits and urged his countrymen to do the same. It helped things run more smoothly and helped people stay good.

K'ung Fu-Tzu believed people were mostly good and honest and had an inherent capacity to care for others.That is why he encouraged respect for others, in this way we would keep that love for one another that allowed us to live in peace. The family, he said, with all its brotherly and sisterly love and respect for elders was the "root of humanity".

He taught that a ruler was to be the example of how to behave and that if he was unjust and cruel then it was the right of the people to bring him down.

You might think these teachings were quite obvious and simple to understand, but that was his intention. His teachings were very successful and kept China together for thousands of years.

You might know him by another name.... Confucius!

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