Ever hear the phrase "give credit where credit is due"?

Now this is balls - I see vids I submit here getting featured - except they're not mine. The reason it's balls is cuz somehow, the first vid posted wasn't as good as one of the dozen that came way later, and that sucks. It sucks cuz you're fucking your own viewers out of more timely material, which is too often ganked.

The Chinese kidney-IPad thing? I submitted that days earlier.

The hot dudes for female users? Rip-off of my Kyo gallery, with a caption nearly identical to mine.

Old photoshop contest entries? Slew of great feedback, messages, and votes, yet strangely not ever in the running (to a lot of us, this is a screw-over you seem famous for).

I could scour my profile for more, but this recent feature is enough.

Forget the shit about a vid not belonging to me, either. This site is designed as a comedy dump for all that's new around the web and the world, and the only outlet of its kind for many looking for a quick update. Nearly nothing belongs to the user posting it. However, anything this site hasn't seen is naturally, new to it. People like us are what make that happen. So if you want the latest, first, as far as this site's content is concerned, do it a favor: give credit where credit is due and STOP SKIPPING FIRST POSTERS OVER.

You're not getting better info, better quality, or a better contributor - and are sure as shit not respecting your vets - by leap-frogging those of us who bring it to you first, and in quantity, in favor of some douche who doesn't understand what a SEARCH button does, or, in certain cases, what original means.

Yes, I'm talking to all you dickheads as superfluous as your uploads. You see up there, where it says, "videos"? You can click to see ALL the submissions for days and days on end. You click on it, and then go down the line. If you see a video has already been posted, ERASE YOUR DL'D AND MOVE ON TO THE NEXT VID, cuz I'm sick of seeing your redundant, ripped-off bullshit, let alone see any submission of MINE get featured on the front page with your name.

Uploaded 06/19/2011
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