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I wasnt gonna post this on here but theres no rules about how graphic you can get.

Last nite the doorbell rings  and so I get up to open it. I swing the door open and then I see him. It's my exboyfriend , my first love, and the object of my sexual fantasies.

I havent seen him in over TWO years. We dated for three years when we were young teens. It ended abruply with soo much feelings and passion still there. I was 18 and he 19 . His parents got up and moved TO EUROPE. We were both devastated and vowed to be witch each other in the future. We spoke on the phone constantly for a FEW YEARS. I went out to see him as much as possible . Years went bye we both dated other people but always maintained contact and still told each other we loved one another.

Now I'm 25 and the last time we really spoke was over the summer. I decided to forget about him and just let it go FINALLY. It helped that I knew he was dating someone for about a year now.

Well imagine my suprise when I saw him standing there in front of my door. All sorts of feelings rushed to my head : suprise, shock, joy, excitement, and yes that one little feeling that grabs you by the gut and makes you all warm inside. We stood there for a few seconds just staring at each , checking each other out, and smiling like little kids. I couldnt mutter a word and we both giggled. He came up to me , came up REALLY CLOSE and hugged me. We stood there hugging for what seemed like forever.  Neither one of us uttered a single word yet. There was no need for words.

I didnt even notice the hot tears streaming down my cheeks. He took my face in his hands and wiped my tears away. I think I saw a tear in his eye too.

Thats when we finally started talking up a storm . I invited him in , closed the doors, and made us some great drinks. We were talking for about 20 minutes when I stopped paying attention because all I could focus on was his great physique.

We started flirting and talking some more. I didnt notice when he got closer to me.

He told me he still loved me and came all the way from Europe to settle this once and for all. I told him I think about him everyday all day.

Then we sat there in silence for  a few seconds. I knew that look he was giving me.

All of a sudden we were on top of each other making out passionately. All sorts of feelings rushed over me and I wanted him soo bad. I could tell he wanted me really badly too.

We were going at it slowly making sure to enjoy every minute. We must have been making out and rubbing against each other for a while before he took of his shirt and then mine. He started gently kissing my neck and collarbone while massaging my thighs. 

My hands were going all over his chest and back. He felt and smelled so familiar to me. More feelings rushed to my head.

I could feel him going to the back of my bra trying to unhook it. I giggled and told him its a front clasping bra. He moved his hands to the front ,squeezed my breasts together ,and unhooked my bra. Both of my breasts spilled out.

I could tell this got him going even more. He started to play and lick them. He said that I have the most beautiful breasts ever and that he missed sleeping close to them.

He began moving south towards my belly button. Once there he slowly unzipped my pants and then took them off. His hands moved up and down my legs. He was a little suprised I didnt have any underwear on.

I blushed a little , he noticed. He came close to me and we started kissing.

I worked to un -do his pants and pulled them down. My hand found his throbbing penis. I really missed that penis.

He stopped playing with my breasts and pulled himself up on his hands. He pushed my thighs open , well forced them open a little.

He began caressing both my thighs always making sureto  stop short of kissing my vagina.

I was getting all hot and started to girate my hips. I think it made him smile. He started going down on me very gently. It was soo gentle that it turned me on even more.

I began moaning and he began applying more pressure. I had one of the best orgasms of my life.

He looked up at me and smiled the biggest grin I have ever seen him smile. His lips moved close to my lips and he whispered "I have been dreaming about doing that to you for a very long time. "

WOW all sorts of hot feelings rushed over me all over again.

I made him lay down on  his back and started kissing his chest. I moved down south and began teasing him , only caressing the very tip of his huge penis. He couldnt take it , he was practically whimping like a puppy.

So I took his cock into my warm wet mouth and began working it. He moaned in pleasure and grabbed my hair. I This went on for a few minutes .

He then grabbed me by my butt and hips and turned me over on my stomach. He laid on top of me , kissed me on my back once, seperated my legs , and inched his cock really close. I was so hot and upon feeling his penis near I could feel myself get wet all over again. In one powerful move he inserted his cock inside my vagina. I think I let out a little moan in pleasure.

I could feel him soo deep inside . He was strong but gentle . God how many times did I dream about this ?

We were both really into it. I stuck my ass up like a doe in heat.

We were both getting hotter and hotter. I moved myself up and placed my palms against the wall and stuck my ass out. This drove him crazy.

He began fucking me soo hard but I really enjoyed it.

I began to thremble and got another amazing orgazm. When he knew he pleased me he allowed himself to also come.

We fucked a few more times that night.

But that my dear I'll leave for a story for another time.

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