everyone buy a gun!

i live in new jersey.  a state where guns are not very liked by most residents.  in order to purchase a long gun (rifle or shotgun) you are required to produce a firearms id card.  in order to purchase a pistol, you have to produce a firearms id card and a valid pistol purchase permit.  so anyway, i bought my first pistol about 2 years ago.  it is a ruger 22 caliber.  last week i purchased another pistol.  a smith and wesson 9mm.  now here is the interesting part...

when i bought the pistol i had to fill out pages upon pages of paperwork.  one of the pages included my pistol purchase number.  it is a 15 digit number unique to me and my pistol.  so the guy selling me the gun pounted out to me the last 3 digits of the number.  they were 355.  he pointed that out to me becuase it meant that i was the 355th person to purchase a pistol in the state of new jersey that day!  THAT DAY!!!!

i bought the gun on a wednesday evening!  so i said to the guy... 355 people bought guns today?  he laughed and said... before obama was elected, that number RARELY went over 100.  he then went on to explain that before obama was elected, he only sold about 5 pistols per day.  now he sells an average of 25.  needless to say, i was completely suprised.  i knew that obama wasn't the fondest of guns, and voted to bring back clintons assault rifle ban, but i had no idea that everyone thought he would try to take away all our guns. 

so i did some research and found the he has voted many times for more strict gun laws and for gun bans.  i also came across a comment he made more than a year ago where he mentioned the idea of enstating a 500% gun and ammo tax.  that scared me half to death.  a tax that high would make my $300 pistol now cost $1500. 

so anyway... i guess everyone really thinks obama will try to take away our guns.  i personally think that he can never overturn the second ammendment and any attempt to do so would cuase mass chaos.  but just in case... EVERYONE BUY GUNS!!!

Uploaded 11/26/2008
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