Evidence that Many Abortionist are Immoral.

We all know that Planned Parenthood advocates the removal of millions of foetuses from mothers who do not want a child or are at danger if they go full term. Personally, I do not support women having abortions unless they are in danger. I write that to let you know my stance, not to argue that I'm right and abortionist are wrong. 

However, there is now evidence that shows abortionists who are placed in positions of responsibility and authority behave in ways that are illegal, corrupted, immoral and conspiratorial. From State Attorney to District Judges to file clerks and administrative personnel to highly paid executives at Planned Parenthood, all are culpable of felony acts that not only covered up illegal abortions but also put at risk the lives of the very women they claim to care so much about.  And way beyond that, they conspired to sweep it under the carpet, so they can continue these heinous acts. 

Even if you are an abortionist, this should be a concern to you, because it puts the largest provider of abortions, consultations and moral support at risk of being shut down due to the possibility of fines and felony charges. For those who are against abortion, it reinforces our belief that there are underlying objectives that supersedes the need of the mother by those who advocate for abortion. 

The Evidence:

Baby Killer! by movieclips

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