Evidently, I caused a little ruckess

How's that for a first blog on eBaum's World? I get accused by my own niece of being a dick and stealing from her uncle. Wait a minute, I am her uncle. She still doesn't believe me.

I hope that when creepingjennie gets home, she's figure that out. I would think that by admitting that she and her sister used to call me Uncle Big Nose, that would be enough. How could I just make that up?

That's got to be the first time any of my siblings children have called me a dick. The funny thing is, my first name is Richard and yes, I have been called Dick before. I always thought I was their favorite uncle. Yeah, favorite uncle to poop on. I hope somebody got that.

Yes, I did copy the blog from my own personal website to ebaum's. I wrote it 100 percent, and yes, I made it all up. For the most part, none if it actually happened. I hope I didn't violate anything. I guess I didn't read the terms of service ... I never do and it bites me in the ass sometimes. You know,  send in for something for $2.95 thinking that was all you had to pay, but later realize it is going to cost you $39 a month. Read the fine print, moron. How may of you have done that? Raise your hands. come on, it's not like I can see you.

That's better ... I knew it.

For the most part, when I work, I write about the University of Wyoming athletics. Wyoming is the square state between Colorado and Montana. At least know where Colorado is. I'm going to save that for another blog. Yes, we have the internet in Wyoming. No, Brokeback Mountain is not real and they didn't even film it in the state. Now, cowboys and sheep, that is a different story.

Cowboys and sheep ... now I'll never be able to sleep tonight.




Uploaded 01/22/2009
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