Evil Imprints and the Universe

Does every action that we impose on the balance of the universal system have a cause and affect, or a negative affect?


In this ever changing world that scares me with each day that passes, I have to constantly remind myself of reality, and what that even means. I always wondered If my thoughts, actions, and mood swings were a by-product of of what I put itn. Garbage in, Garbage know the drill !


Anyways, I've come to the conclusion that my actions decides my behavior in the near future. So If i become irritant because I had a bad day , and taking it out on your friend, then it's a problem. Little start-up bullshit like that eventually evolves into a regular pattern of verbal, mental, and sometimes physical abuse.


Every thought leads to an action, and that's a given. You can't have an action without first thinking about how to make it happen.


I only wonder how my life would change if i embraced life at it's fullest. Not watched it go pass my window.


The Billion dollar answer is LOVE, pure LOVE. Powerful and Positive energy will be successful MOST of the time. There is no magic bullet. Hard work and being kind no matter how hard it is.


The universe is only as good as the occupants observing it. If it weren't for the occupants, the universe would simply be a massive pool of atoms, electrons, protons, all swimming in a potential soup of possibilities. It takes a brain to sort out the atoms abound, and make sense of it all. Humans are always looking for patterns.


If every single person on Earth would follow the above laws which is simple love,  the universe would adjust accordingly.


If you hate, then an evil presence will you be unwittingly conjuring. I'm not talking about Majik, I'm talking about Quantum facts. What you encourage may manifest. Be careful in what you envision. It's simple, the Uiverse is not an extention that you can point to, like a caged animal....NO !...Life is intergrated in every facet of our being inside and out.


So the bottom line is to be nice ALWAYS. Cause if you don't, it'll come back and bite you in the ass...ahha hha hhaha h



ahha hhaha



Uploaded 01/19/2012
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