Excuse me your Liberal is showing.........

I have a homeless man who lives around me and most of the neighborhood has seen him but most ignore him and today like most Wednesday's I gave him 5 bucks. He never says much to me and that doesn't matter I always try and chat him up, probably because I know the man's story, in short 20 years ago he worked on Wall street and then lost his wife and Daughter in an accident and well the rest is typical, drugs and alcohol and then homeless. Today he stopped me and actually talked to me after I gave him his gratuity for just being him, and he said to me "Hey Bo you give me money almost every week and you talk to me and never say dont buy booze with the money" I told him I thought charity was to be given without strings and that I myself had lost a daughter and more than once I have had to live on the streets. He continued talking and let me tell you he NEVER talks.... now he wont shut up lol but he told me every week he bought baloney and bread with the 5 bucks I gave him and he ate for three days on the food. I didn't ask where he ate it at although I wish I had, but my old lady was with me and she leaned over and said "excuse me your liberal is showing" funny gal......NOT!! I was thinking about the exchange I had with OHNILIME (sorry I forgot her name) or something like that but she called me on my defense of Kym a notorious liar that had more than a few of us buying into her I am dying routine. I now realize that like Kym, this guy may be taking advantage of me but I dont care I refuse to let people with low morals bring me down to their level and life without trust (even the internet) is just not life it is more like jail. Now I have to kick my old lady's ass for calling me a liberal and just for the record if you need to hang a title on me I am a TRUE compassionate conservative not what they tried to pass Bush off as but an actual one.


Thank you for reading and if you can afford to, give a homeless man a few bucks it will make his day and where can you get that kind of enjoyment from a couple bucks and btw Obama is not coming with that money it will depend on us to pull US out of the shape were in.   Bohank



Uploaded 07/01/2009
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