Exercise Videos

  As I sauntered down the sporting section of my local target today, I came across the exercise videos. I have always speculated if any of these actually work so curiosity got the best of me, and who better to test the theory then myself.


 I see myself as a good candidate seeing as how aside from taking my German shepherd to the dog park, I have become a relatively stagnant person. I work as a police dispatcher so for 8 hours a day I am pretty much glued to a chair, the other half Im playing black ops. :)


The video that stood out the most was Jillian Michaels 30 day shred (very straightforward). The workout is only 20 minutes long and every 10 days it gets more difficult. Dont be upset, you will only hear about this today, 10 days from now,  10 days from then, and then after the final workout on day 30.

Day 1 Stats:

20 year old female.

Height:  5'2 ft

Weight:  124 lbs

Waist: 29 in.

Arm: 11 in.

Hips: 36 in. (I have big spoils of war)

Thigh: 21.5 in.


 I am anticipating someone append. Let me know. :)

Uploaded 03/05/2011
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