explain this shit

in that song she goes "don't hate me cus im beautiful." Is she saying

Because I am beautiful, you can not possibly hate me.


Don't hate me just because I am beautiful and you are jealous.


Why haven't I been blogging here? I'll tell you why you dick smoke. I make 100+ bucks a blog writing for another site. Takes longer cus I actually have to make them look pro as fuck but hey thats a damn good side job. But there will always be a place in my heart for the ebaums blog section. I could make money here, but ebaums decided to not allow advertisements on the blog itself, which I guess is okay. Not exactly sure why but there's probably some legal shit I don't know about.

Once in awhile I stop through to check the blogs but mostly for chat room. Just bored of this place, not as fun without neko causing a ruckus. And also sjg doesnt write here anymore which sucks. Props to hakik who made my new avatar. Blog monsters and interviews may be coming, I just been lazy as fuck. I have a couple interviews i havent even put up yet but wutev. k imout

goobye and goodnight

Uploaded 11/02/2011
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