Explosive squirrel

Yesterday made me realize, it doesnt matter where you live, you have rednecks everywhere you go. We heard a big boom, I knew it was a transformer blowing up, also at the same thought of squirrel fur floating calmly down.

As I was walking to the truck, the block that Ts my road, an lady steps out, yells at random neighbors if they had power. Sees me, looks at my porch light being on hey your porchlight is on, you got power?

That brought me into a conversation to see how stupid she really was. She didnt know what the big boxes were, the silver ones on the poles. Then I told her she would find a dead squierl in the back alley.

squirrel? no, one of them things wouldnt do that! so i drive back there, here lays a 6lb dead squirrel, crispy on one side. So I showed the one guy , which he initially said squirrel? no theres no way it could do that!.

Whoah thats a biggun and gave them a contact number to have their electric service cut back on.


oh btw the "shades" arnt shit compared to the upcomming group.

We'd bring it here, but the content can be much better there! Join us or go against us.

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Uploaded 11/26/2009
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