Express Lane

OK, I was standing in the express line (Yeah, the 12 items or LESS line) at the grocery store yesterday. I looked up, and this ignorant chick standing in front of me had 27 (Yes, I counted those mother fuckers) items on the counter. If it would have been 13 or 14, no fucking problem, go ahead lady. But 27! Seriously, can't people be a little more damned considerate!? As I was waiting to pay for my ONE item, I started counting hers out loud in an obnoxious voice as they were ringing her up. Then she turns to me and says "Is there a problem?". HELL FUCKIN YEAH THERE'S A PROBLEM BIYOTCH!!! She's making me take time out of MY schedule to save time on HERS. It's not like she couldn't count or anything (I could have excused that), but she pulled out a fucking checkbook to pay for it. Now, how in the hell can she balance a checkbook, and not be able to count past the number 12!? I know by the look on her face when I pointed to the "12 items or less" sign that she'd noticed the sign, but blatantly didn't give a rats ass. I know she would have been pissed if the shoe were on the other foot, but what makes people think they can get away with this kind of bullshit??? I swear, stores need to start enforcing those signs and stop ringing them up at the 12th item and send them to the back of the fucking line for the rest of their shit to get rung up. Those lines are there for a reason....and without enforcement, people are gonna continue to get inconvenienced by so-called convenience store lines.

Uploaded 01/15/2009
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